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How to Disable AdBlock in Mozilla Firefox in 3 Steps



AdBlock is a browser extension supplied by Firefox that blocks adverts and stops advertisers from tracking you across the web. This improves your browsing speed and protects your privacy.

But if you want to see the ads, it is straightforward to remove AdBlock and allow the adverts to pop up.

  1. Find your Add-ons and Themes

    How to Disable AdBlock in Mozilla Firefox

    Click on the three horizontal lines on the top right-hand corner of your screen, called a Hamburger Menu. This will open a menu and from that menu, click on Add-ons and Themes.

  2. Select Extensions

    How to Disable AdBlock in Mozilla Firefox

    Extensions add features to Firefox or modify existing features. AdBlock is an extension in Firefox.

  3. Modify AdBlock

    How to Disable AdBlock in Mozilla Firefox

    Here you have two options; you can disable AdBlock, which means it will remain part of your Firefox but not work until you enable it again, or you can choose to remove it altogether.

    To disable AdBlock, click on the blue slider to move it to the left, and the slider turns grey.

Be cautious with blocking

Sometimes, a site may ask you to disable the ad blocker so you can do something, like leave a review. If you have AdBlock already disabled, it may be Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection feature that is causing you trouble.

To see what this Firefox feature is stopping, click on the shield on the far right of your screen. This will show you what is being blocked on a specific page. You can then modify protections for that site.

Before you delete AdBlocker, please think about what you are doing. If a particular site requires you to turn off the AdBlock, I suggest you think about why. Many adverts today come with an unpleasant load; malware. If you absolutely have to do something on this site, disable AdBlock while you undertake this dangerous mission and then enable it as soon as you can.

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