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How to Fix Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen in 4 Steps



As with most forms of software, you may experience the occasional error; in this case, the Mozilla FireFox red screen critical error. It is important to note that this is not an actual Firefox error but rather a form of scam malware where someone is trying to get a hold of your username and password by making you call a number or asking that you input your details to authenticate your account.

If this critical error appears on your computer, don’t put in your information or call the number provided! Here are the steps you can take to solve this issue without putting your personal information at risk.

  1. Exit Your Browser

    Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen

    First, you need to exit Mozilla Firefox. If you find that you can’t exit the browser by clicking on the close (x) button, then use the Ctrl+Alt+Delete and end the Firefox process from the task manager.

  2. Uninstall Unfamiliar Apps

    Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen

    Go to the Apps and Features window on your computer. You can do this by searching for the section in your start menu or using the keyboard shortcut Windows Key+I. Scroll through the list and uninstall any unfamiliar apps. If you are unsure of what an app does, you can google it first to see if it falls in the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) category.

  3. Reset Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen

    Open Mozilla Firefox and go to the Mozilla support website using this link, and choose to ‘Refresh Firefox.’ This will remove all add-ons and customizations, but also any bugs or lingering malware. Once Firefox has been refreshed, close the browser.

  4. Run an Antivirus Scan and Restart Your Device

    Mozilla Firefox Critical Error Red Screen

    Lastly, run a full antivirus scan to make sure no malware is left on your computer and restart your device.

Get Back to Browsing With Firefox Safely and Securely

Once you’ve followed the above steps, your Firefox should be back to normal. You can now browse the internet with this browser safely and securely.

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