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How to Set Mozilla Firefox as Default Browser In 4 Methods

Shaun M Jooste


If you want to set Mozilla Firefox as your default browser instead of others like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari, there are 4 easy methods to use. These options depend on whether you use a Windows PC, a Mac, an Android device, or an iPhone. The steps, detailed below, are slightly different on each platform.

  1. Changing to Firefox in Windows

    How to Set Mozilla Firefox as Your Default Browser

    – Click on the menu button in your current browser.

    – Select Options. Click Default in the General panel. Windows Settings will open with a screen that says Choose default. Click Web browser.

    A list will open in a dialog box. Choose Firefox. Click the X on the top right to close Settings and save the changes.

  2. Changing to Firefox on a Mac

    How to Set Mozilla Firefox as Your Default Browser

    – First, install Mozilla Firefox on your computer. 

    – Select System Preferences in the Apple menu and then click General.

    – A list of Web browsers will appear in the Default web browser menu.

     – Choose Mozilla Firefox.

  3. Changing to Firefox on an iPhone

    How to Set Mozilla Firefox as Your Default Browser

     If you don’t have it, download the Firefox app for your iOS browser. Make sure you have the latest version. In Settings, go to the Firefox app. Tap on the Default Browser App and select  Firefox.

  4. Changing to Firefox on Android

    How to Set Mozilla Firefox as Your Default Browser

    – Tap Menu on the right at the top of the screen. –

    – Tap Settings. Then tap the switch to Make Firefox Focus the default browser. This will open the Default apps screen.

    • Tap Browser app. Tap Firefox Focus to select it.

Why make Firefox Your Default Browser?

The choice of a default browser is a very personal one. Some people start with one browser and don’t ever try another. Although all browsers allow you to navigate the internet, there are differences between them.

Mozilla Firefox is a highly regarded browser, especially for its high speed, which beats its competition. It also automatically guards against tracking like fingerprinting and crypto mining by blocking more than 10 million trackers daily.

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