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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox67.0.4

Benchmark of Browsing Protection

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The web browser provides numerous security features, as well as customization options for programmers. Users can browse smoothly their privacy is secured from online threats.

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  • Ardi Akse

    by Ardi Akse

    sangat memuaskan, lebih di kembangkan lagi bos ku. aksdaksjkaksajsajajsasljlsjlsajlsjlsa

  • Pradyumn Agarwal

    by Pradyumn Agarwal

    superb good cool no1..................... ..........................

  • Rares Berghea

    by Rares Berghea

    good so fast ty fore making it itws so good pls make more pls

  • bizuayehu nega

    by bizuayehu nega

    easy to use it since every technology should make life easyier

  • Travis  Tate Ultan

    by Travis Tate Ultan

    it is Very good, it serves better but would like you to improve so as to serve the users better, Thank you.

  • Ganesh Kandu

    by Ganesh Kandu

    super slow. super slow. super slow. super slow. super slow. super slow. super slow. super slow. super slow.

  • Jjaded1 Last Name

    by Jjaded1 Last Name

    Your grey on grey scroll bar for Win 10 absolutely sucks. I have been a Firefox user almost since it came out. I am seriously considering an alternate browser because of this feature. I am an older person and find this unacceptable. I've put up with it this long because I thought you would realize your error and fix it. Too bad you don't or won't fix it or allow an addon. There is no positive to tMore

  • Obioma Ogukwe

    by Obioma Ogukwe

    I have always enjoyed it. I could visit lots of sites without much problems. The private window is fantastic for sites am not sure of their content.

  • Md Arif Khan

    by Md Arif Khan

    What do you think about Mozilla Firefox? Do you recommend it? Why?

  • aman kshatriya

    by aman kshatriya

    yes , it is best of i've got. The pocket id really cool, its look and feel , i mean the interactive interface (i loved it).

  • Thao Duong Anh

    by Thao Duong Anh

    Mozilla Firefox is perfect

  • Paule ee

    by Paule ee

    tried The new Private browsing, resulting in firefox refusing to accept any site as valid...………...tried everything, USELESS!

  • Umaima Noor

    by Umaima Noor

    okay app is just okay not best one

  • Deepanshu Bishnoi

    by Deepanshu Bishnoi

    this is good for networking and fastest data he stores and it is goood for us nice ntwork

  • Denis Pincic

    by Denis Pincic

    it is ok and i need mozilla on sites.have all i need and firefox is beter than bing or else.



    Could not down load not in english not user friendly..............................

  • Vamshi Vamshi

    by Vamshi Vamshi

    it does not open on fastly. very slow. always updating.its r i the waste browser i had ever seen

  • J Navy

    by J Navy

    Ugliest upgrade ever.. Firefox 57 is the ugliest upgrade I have ever seen. Dark gray band at top, light gray band beneath, warm and cool grays all over the place with no consistency, folders from the 80's on the toolbars with color icons for site bookmarks... Firefox default should at least be pleasant to look at since we spend so much of our lives online now, and editable for the many different tMore

  • Ak Mohammad

    by Ak Mohammad

    getting stuck. sometimes it gets stuck specially when i browse facebook. runnig slow. Pros: mostly i like to browse facebook

  • Pats Mariano

    by Pats Mariano

    VERYGOOD. Faster browser very good and very useful.. Nothing can make the same rate. Pros: FASTER AND QUICK. Cons: NOTHING FOR ME

  • Aiquo Mas

    by Aiquo Mas

    Its perfect, but there's room for improvement.. Very good and user friendly, no complicated features yet very advanced to view all kinds of information I need online. Cons: It sometimes just freezes then closes. Does not keep the history after it has ffrozen

  • by Anonymous

    Firefox hangs & expects users to go thru 22 pages to hopefully find a fix.. I am going to remove Firefox from my computer. It hangs constantly. When it doesn't hang, it just gets progressively slower until it takes up to 5 minutes to load a website before I get so aggravated, that I ctl/alt/del and End Task. I did a search for what I can do about the hanging. I ended up with a 22 page documenMore

  • by Anonymous

    the firefox is my favority. good for my check every thing in the world it my favori in my computor. Cons: and entertainment

  • by Anonymous

    Move on.. Tried to use it after using it before for a few years before using Chrome. Extremely dissapointed. Noticeably slower, clunkier, not worth my time. Pros: Over Chrome? Nothing. Cons: Moving tabs between screens is painful and slow, loading anything in general is slower than Chrome. Just more painful than Chrome all around even though I'd love to use Firefox over Chrome, due to their extremMore

  • by Anonymous

    awesome. one of the best web browser.i only use this browser for suffering internet. Cons: i did not find any incompletness. keep working and gets lots of good wishes.

  • by Anonymous

    Crashing a lot lately. I love Firefox. I do love the fox. But it keeps crashing. I uninstalled and installed and it's still crashing. I will change to Chrome within this week if this keeps happening. Pros: Fox. Customized. Cons: Crashing

  • by Anonymous

    It used to be better. The best browser ever in early versions became hard and slow now. Hope they will back to basics sometimes. Pros: Lots of addons. Editable interface. Cons: Slow enough on old machines

  • by Anonymous

    Firefox above 44 stinks!. I hate anything above 44. today you removed what I had plus all my favorites and my personal toolbar. Now I have 1 big mess. I have a folder on my desktop of all my things that were in my version of firefox and I can't get at any of it because firefox locked up during the so called upgrade. Pros: Right now, nothing. Cons: my My Points Toolbar, my favorites everythings gonMore

  • by Anonymous

    My mozilla is not working on windpw 7, just stop working inspite 2xD.. How come my mozilla is not working. I am using windows 7 but it claim i have window vista or lower. I would to use Mozilla but i why did it stop last and the new Mozilla wont work on window 7. Pros: Mozilla is the best amonth the top 3 IE Chrome. Cons: How come Mozilla just stop working?The old just stop working last week and tMore

  • by Anonymous

    i really like its speed, efficiency and effectiveness . great app l had ever seen ,,,, it will be more good if you add the security software for the virus protection. Pros: speed. effectiveness. Cons: security software for virus. protection from online browsing