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How to set your homepage with Firefox

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How to set your homepage with Firefox

Once installed Firefox makes the Mozilla Fire Fox Start page it homepage, which includes a preconfigured with Google search bar. But it is possible to change all of this if you want to.
To set your favorite website as your home page – for example – first click on the Menu button.
Next click the Options button, which looks like a gear icon.
Now, from the options menu you want the first “general” icon. In the startup options you can now choose what you want Firefox to do when it opens. You can choose "Show my home page", "Show a blank page", or "Show my windows and tabs from last time".
To put a specific page, choose the first option and type the appropriate web address into the text bar. There is no need to save anything, the next time you open the browser that is the web page that you should see.
If you want the browser to open more than one web page across multiple tabs - for example Google, Softonic, and Wikipedia – open all the desired pages in tabs then go back to the general tab in options and click the button that says "Use Current Pages". All of these will then stored and separated by a slash in the "Homepage" section.
Now every time you open Firefox, you will open all of these pages in tabs.


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