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  • What operating systems can Mozilla Firefox run on?

    Officially, Firefox is available and supported for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Firefox is also available and supported for Android and iOs, though some differences between these two and desktop versions of the browser. The latest version of Firefox is usually available for FreeBSD, but has no official support, and older versions are available for operating systems including Maemo and others.
  • How do I import bookmarks?

    To import bookmarks from another browser, you will need to create an HTML bookmarks file. How this is done depends on the first browser. In Chrome, for example, you must open the Bookmarks menu, select Bookmark Manager, then click Organize, followed by "Export Bookmarks to HTML file". Following that, in Firefox, click Bookmarks (under the Library menu), then Show All Bookmarks, then select "Import and Backup". Find the original bookmarks file and select it, and your old bookmarks will be imported.
  • What is Firefox Pocket?

    Pocket is a service that allows you to share a special set of bookmarks from device to device, as long as they are all running Firefox. Click the Pocket button (on the address bar for desktop versions of Firefox) and create an account. Then sign in to this account to access your Pocket on any device.
  • What is Smooth Scrolling?

    Smooth Scrolling is a setting that causes pages to scroll pixel by pixel, rather than line by line, when you use the scroll wheel. Whether it is an improvement or not is entirely a matter of preference.
  • What version of Firefox am I using?

    Under the menu, select Help then About Firefox. This will prominently display the current version you are using, as well as whether updates are available. The URL "about:support" can also tell you your Firefox version.
  • What is Firefox Nightly?

    Firefox Nightly features changes that, as the name implies, may have been made to the browser as early as yesterday. It may feature improvements or even new features that are not in standard Firefox, but it will also crash more often or perform poorly.
  • How do I clear my history in Firefox?

    Open the Library, select History, and then Clear Recent History. You may select a time range or simply clear all of your history using this tool.
  • What is Firefox Aurora?

    Aurora is similar to Firefox Nightly, discussed above, but it is more stable and secure. Consumers looking for new features are better off with Aurora; Nightly is more suited to testers and developers.
  • Is Firefox faster than Chrome?

    In our testing, Firefox loaded HTML5-heavy web pages such as Twitter more quickly, and used somewhat less memory per tab than Chrome. However, this is subject to change as both browsers develop, as with any speed test or tests.
  • How do I bookmark a page?

    On desktop Firefox, simply click the star icon on the right-hand side of the address bar. On mobile devices, find the star outline, near the address bar or menu depending on device.


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