Mozilla Firefox for Mac

Mozilla Firefox for Mac


Fast and Free Browser

Mozilla Firefox is a browser application that offers a fast and reliable browsing experience. A flagship product of Mozilla, Firefox is a versatile and feature-rich app that is ideal for casual browsing and intensive researching. 

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  • Very Fast Browsing Speed
  • Light on System Resources
  • Strong Privacy Feature
  • Slick, Easy-on-the-Eyes Interface


  • No Live Support
  • Bookmarked Pages Are Hard to Find
  • Fewer Available Extensions
  • Some Websites Work Better in Chrome


Mozilla Firefox is a browser application that offers a fast and reliable browsing experience. A flagship product of Mozilla, Firefox is a versatile and feature-rich app that is ideal for casual browsing and intensive researching. 

Fast and Easy Browsing

In the past years, Mozilla Firefox has lagged behind with its main competitors, Chrome and Edge in terms of browsing speed. However, in 2017 the app bounced back and found a new lease of life with its new update, the Quantum. This new release offers arguably the fastest browsing speed available today. 

According to the developer, this version is twice as fast than its predecessors. Some speed tests showed that Mozilla Firefox only takes under a minute to start.  The app averages 4.3 seconds to navigate and load pages, even those with heavy contents such as news sites. More so, the revamped version consumes 30% less memory than Chrome, meaning that the browsing speed is still the same even if you open lots of tabs. 

Besides speedy browsing rate, Mozilla Firefox also boasts a well-laid out and clean interface, making it easy to locate tools and features. From the homepage, you can access not just the Google search box but other settings, including your downloads, bookmarks, history, synchronization, and add-ons. More so, you can customize your toolbars to tailor it to your needs. You can even use a dual URL and search field.

Mozilla also launched a new updated version of its Facebook container extension which now allows you to put Facebook share and like buttons into the container. You can also disable them by default so that Facebook won't be able to build a useful shadow profile of you when you're locked out. 

Secure Browsing

Perhaps what helps Mozilla Firefox boost its browsing speed is its anti-tracking features. Some studies claim that tracking actually slows down your browsing because of the data exchange that is required to track your movements through the web. 

Mozilla Firefox provides enhanced tracking protection. This way, not only will it prevent browsing to slow down, but it can also protect you from websites which collects your internet activity. This tracking protection is customizable, and you can adjust the level of blocking you want. You can choose to block some tracking, or you can choose to block all tracking. You even have the option to create a list of specific websites that you wish to block. 

In the browser, you can see the feature in the form of a new set of controls in the setting menu. You can also click the new shield icon in the URL bar to enable the tracking protection. The enhanced tracking protection function also blocks third-party tracking cookies based on its disconnect list. 

On top of protecting your computer from malware, Mozilla Firefox also expanded its Lockbox Password manager to the desktop version, renaming it to Lockwise. This browser extension is a straightforward password manager that makes the passwords you save in the app available on all your devices. 

Mozilla also launched a new dashboard for Firefox Monitor, which lets you check whether your email addresses popped up in any data breaches. It can also be used to set alerts for any future breaches. Firefox Monitor also lets you know which email addresses are being monitored and which ones have been likely compromised.

Setting the Bar High 

Mozilla Firefox may not be the staple browser for most devices, but it can be your best bet right now. It comes complete with features, speed, flexibility, and reliability to give you the smoothest browsing experience.  Based on ease of use, security, and fast speed, this browser has certainly set the bar high for its competitions. 

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Mozilla Firefox for Mac


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User reviews about Mozilla Firefox for Mac

  • Toni Jones

    by Toni Jones

    Firefox is great. I love the new features of checking where my email has been breached and the password saver is a life saver!

  • Soni Dheer

    by Soni Dheer

    because its awilable for any computer any os and takes less space.

  • by Anonymous

    Unnecessary. So was fixing a couple bugs, antialiased text, and allowing the forward button to disappear really a full new version numbMore

  • by Anonymous

    Oh, you are available. I'm glad firefox released the new version. there is a big problem in the 9.0 beta 6. My firefox crashed very oftMore