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Trustworthy website browser

Mozilla Firefox is a free cross-platform website browser that is available on Android, Apple iOS, Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows devices. The open-source software comes with a multitude of benefits that make the platform highly recommendable. It is lightweight, fast, and secure. Within the clean user interface, users can customize add-ons, privacy settings, search engine, etc.

Is Mozilla Firefox safe to download?

The development of Firefox is funded by not-for-profit organization Mozilla Foundation. This community of developers continues to build the web browser based on principles set forth within the Mozilla Manifesto. The Mozilla Corporation gave this statement to the public during the early years of them pioneering the internet movement. The Manifesto highlights fundamental privacy standards, transparent operations, a balance between profit and public benefit, etc.

As a company that believes in free speech and privacy, Mozilla has created the safest privacy browser for people to use. You can download the browser to enhance privacy protection standards. The company goes beyond simply sending a privacy notice to users who encounter malicious web pages. The Firefox privacy standards include the ability to ‘Enable DNS over HTTPS’, block trackers, etc.

What does Firefox do?

To connect to the internet, individuals need to install and launch a web browser. Once the browser is open, users can access their search engines to surf the world wide web. Mozilla Firefox puts an immense emphasis on security. This important focus is relevant today as the immersive web is becoming more advanced and expansive online.

The Firefox menu is in the upper left corner of the Mac desktop screen. You just need to select ‘Firefox’ and click on ‘Preferences’ to customize the settings. You can easily access specific preferences by sifting through the categories within the left panel: ‘General’, ‘Home’, ‘Search’, ‘Privacy & Security’, and ‘Sync’. People can make Firefox their default browser in the ‘General’ segment.

Another important aspect that is accessible in the ‘General’ section is at the bottom of the screen in ‘Network Settings’. By clicking on the ‘Settings’ button, individuals can select the DNS over HTTPS option to provide additional web surfing privacy. The ‘Home’ tab within ‘Preferences’ is where users can customize their home screen.

Under the ‘Firefox Home Content’ section, you can deselect and select many content options that appear in the home window: the web search bar, top sites visited, recommendations, saved media, etc. People can tailor their browsing experience to include all of the features, some of them, or none.

The Firefox community can customize their bookmarks and tool bar by right-clicking on the icons and pressing ‘Remove from Toolbar’. The ‘Search’ area of ‘Preferences’ lets users easily choose their default search engine from a list of options: Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, etc. In this area, people can choose how suggestions from the search engine appear.

Within the ‘Privacy & Security’ segment, you can choose the level of protection that you want for your data. These range from standard, strict, and custom policies that can block cookies, tracking content, cryptominers, and fingerprints. If users want to send a ‘Do Not Track’ signal to every website, then they can mark ‘Always’. Cookie, login, and password preferences are located at the bottom of the page.

Releases Firefox has made

Mozilla conveniently integrates the programs that the team develops into the Firefox browser to enhance the user experience. Pocket is a built-in application that lets people quickly save website content that they are viewing in an easily accessible place. These stored items are synched across the devices that are associated with the particular Firefox account; easily transfer them from the Android browser to the Mac.

Firefox Lockwise is another natively built-in app. While this password manager is secure, other password management software options can integrate into the Firefox freeware and provide more advanced features. Along with being at the forefront of the technological movement of the internet’s integration into society, Mozilla has become a trailblazer within the virtual reality realm with the new Firefox Reality platform.

The VR app is a hub for experiencing 2D and 3D sensatory experiences. With the Mixed Reality program, you can become virtual reality creators and play VR games. Mozilla gives additional power to the people with the release of their Developer Edition software that is specifically designed for web developers. Within the Developer Edition, beta versions are available for the developer tools.

Mozilla launched a trustworthy VPN extension that can easily be turned on and off. With Fire TV, people can find and watch movies, series, etc. To search the web securely and quickly, use the Firefox Nightly browser that is updated every day by the Mozilla team.

Alternative desktop browsers

Brave Browser, DuckDuckGo, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Avast Secure Browser, and Safari are comparable applications. Brave, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari are web browsers, while DuckDuckGo is a search engine. Compared to the aforementioned web apps, the browsing mode in Mozilla Firefox is the lightest, quickest, and most secure option. The ‘Privacy & Security’ settings within Firefox are more advanced compared to other web browsers.

The user interfaces within the programs are similar; aesthetics are simple and clean. The home screens of the apps include top sites, search bars, etc. The dedication to quality that Mozilla has provided to society is a deciding factor in downloading Firefox. Companies like Google and Microsoft can learn from the transparent commitment that Mozilla embodies.

A healthy internet browsing experience

Putting the safety of humanity at the forefront of their products, Mozilla has created a trustworthy web browser that emphasizes security, speed, and storage space. The open-source freeware lets users sign in with personal accounts and is available in different languages: English, Italian, etc.

What’s new?

By performing daily software updates, Mozilla is dedicated to providing quality products. When you download the Firefox browser, you receive a multitude of incredible innovations that the company has created: Pocket, Lockwise, etc.

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  • Cross-platform
  • Focused on safety
  • Frequent updates


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Mozilla Firefox for Mac

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 105.0.2
  • 3.6
  • (1470)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Mozilla Firefox for Mac

  • think twice

    by think twice

    Here the update mechanism works great. Why do you have to reinstall?

  • Sue Jones

    by Sue Jones

    Usually I recommend it but it is a pain in the rear end to keep reinstalling it.

  • Toni Jones

    by Toni Jones

    Firefox is great. I love the new features of checking where my email has been breached and the password saver is a life saver!

  • Soni Dheer

    by Soni Dheer

    because its awilable for any computer any os and takes less space

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    So was fixing a couple bugs, antialiased text, and allowing the forward button to disappear really a full new version number? The  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Oh, you are available.
    I'm glad firefox released the new version. there is a big problem in the 9.0 beta 6.
    My firefox crashed very often i More


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