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Free open-source browser

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser with over 200 million monthly users and it’s known to be a highly reliable internet browsing software. It is created by Mozilla Corporation or just Mozilla, and it features speed that rivals some of its more popular competitors like Google Chrome and Safari.

The browser is available in all types of operating systems, and its users can also sync their data across all of their devices through a Firefox Account, including history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords, and more. It packs all the necessary features you need, making it a very user-friendly web browser.

Web browser with key features

Mozilla Firefox has one of the best security features that are all automatically embedded into it. It boasts a robust security system, like password management that helps you create strong passwords and protect them through Firefox Lockwise—a password safe with 256-bit encryption. It also has tracking protection that blocks third-party trackers on both private and regular browsing modes. So, you don’t have to worry about cookies and ads that make you feel like you’re being followed on the internet. 

The browser also has a number of helpful extensions created by the developers. One of the best ones is the Firefox Multi-Account Container, which basically allows you to separate cookies so that you can use websites with multiple accounts or identities all at the same time. Another great extension is the Firefox Monitor, which is a tool that keeps track of your accounts and lets you know if someone is trying to compromise your data. 

What is Mozilla Firefox good for?

However, there are some extensions that don’t work properly on Mozilla but are doing fine on Chrome. These are, for example, Grammarly, Netflix Party, Last Pass, and more. It also has a lot of website compatibility issues, meaning some websites don’t load or show properly on the screen. Sometimes, even, other websites don’t load at all. A lot of the most commonly visited websites should be fine, but if you’re in the website design and development industry, this can be a big issue when testing websites.

If there’s one thing that this browser is great for, it’s for bulky research or if you’re someone who needs a lot of open tabs. Mozilla Firefox has really great RAM management compared to other browsers. Google Chrome, for example, eats a lot of RAM when running. Even its background extensions utilize RAM even when they’re inactive. As a result, it crashes or lags even if you don’t have other programs running. Meanwhile, Firefox doesn’t consume a lot of RAM, but it can still manage a lot of open tabs.

Fast and secure web browsing

Mozilla Firefox is one of the fastest and most secure web browsers you can download for free. It has strong safety systems in place to protect your privacy and passwords, and its efficient RAM management also makes it great for multitasking without sacrificing the speed of website responses. However, it has some issues when it comes to extensions that work great on other browsers, and some websites don’t load properly on the browser. Still, it’s a user-friendly browser that’s great for the average user.

Firefox on Android is designed to provide a smoother web browsing experience on your phone.


  • Numerous security features
  • Efficient RAM management
  • Useful developer extensions
  • Loads multiple tabs without crashing


  • Other extensions don’t work
  • Some websites don’t load properly

Older versions

Also available in other platforms

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